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“Trouble with the Truth” is an attempt at authenticity written by a group of Salt Lake City men. It’s contemplation on life, love and art trapped in the middle of rock, indie rock, blue grass and country that perhaps mirrors the geological and cultural predicament that is

growing up encircled by the mountains and insolated culture of these last frontiers of the civilized world. We have always been cut off in ways yet sooner or later fully exposed to new world advancements. Perhaps all Utahns live in a limbo between full American mainstream, and ghosts of isolationists past.

We’ve seen peers try to fully assimilate and keep up even through cultural lag to find some relevance but if we tried too hard to conform to “what’s now” we would be found out as tourists. We could try to catch new waves, but none of us surfs. We are landlocked, overlooked, flown over and left behind…. Yet still here, still rehearsing, still working. Sure, we have laid down some of our traditions, and can keep up with rats in races, but somehow, we still end up small town, peculiar and western. We never can forget though, deep down, that this means we are still pioneer stalk.

What could we say that wasn’t pretense? We are Utahn. We play our instruments. We try to breathe our woes and wonders into something memorable without lying. We want our cave paintings we leave behind to be accurate. We only have the truth. It is not so easy to be truthful, even when trying to give it your full attention. Maybe we get close to approaching it. We hope so, because we think Truth is set to make a comeback. If we succeeded at all we are ahead of the game. We will keep trying either way.